I'm always looking. Show me your work?

That’s my office — FlakPhoto HQ! It’s not much, but I realized years ago that all I needed was a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. Promoting photography and the people who practice it is one of my deepest passions. It’s a funny habit, and I love it.

I'm looking forward to doing what I did on the old blog with this newsletter — show some pictures on a big screen and link to photographers' websites so my readers can see more of their work and learn about them and their process.

FlakPhoto has been a community project from the start, and this newsletter should carry on that tradition. I hope some of you will contribute to its pages and suggest things I should share here. Community news, photography workshops, creative opportunities, photobook updates — All of it is fodder for FlakPhoto Digest.

If you’re making something cool, I want to hear about it! Please, email anytime.

Show me your work